Febbraio 1, 2023

APPAREL REVIEW: Tour-Maubourg – Spaces Of Silence LP [Pont Neuf Records]

It’s amazing to see a label like Pont Neuf records flourish. The dedication and passion that the team of this Parisian label applies to each of […]
Dicembre 17, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Planet People – Terra Firma EP [Rush Hour]

The duo ‘Planet People’, composed of the talented musicians Reedale Rise and Black Eyes, is about to release their first EP called ‘Terra Firma’, which will […]
Dicembre 14, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Lucky Sun – Balance Remixed [Lucky Sun Recordings]

Is it just a coincidence if -lately- you’ve been reading more and more about remix albums on these pages? perhaps. Or maybe not. The thing is, […]
Novembre 23, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: 291outer space – 너머 (Beyond) [Taste Rec.]

Let’s talk for a moment about the latest record released by the electronic ensemble ‘291outer space’ (close relative of the band 291out), a band that takes […]
Novembre 18, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Felix Laband – The Soft White Hand [Compost Records]

When I first received the promo-pack for this album and looked at the amount of tracks and the length of the record, my first thought has […]
Novembre 12, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Rich Medina, Rob Paine, Heights – Philadelphia [Worship Recordings]

Listening to this wonderful three-track EP called ‘Philadelphia’, by Rich Medina, Rob Paine, Heights, released on Worship Recordings, I firstly noticed how it is so packed […]
Ottobre 31, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: El Payo – In Motion [Stay True Sounds]

The album kicks-off with a dialogue between a synthesizer and a horn section, then, just when the build up has made us impatient enough to be […]
Ottobre 20, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: John Beltran presents SOL SET – Ola De Novo (The Remixes) [All Good Music]

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to push yourself to find the right angle to talk about a new record, fresh and enjoyable. The motivation to write about […]
Ottobre 16, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Malkov, Andrey P. – Morning Dub EP [Aureon]

We’re always glad to mention Aureon Records label in our reviews, because, although Alessio and his partners are relatively newcomers to the independent music industry, the […]
Settembre 30, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Inkswel & Colonel Red – Holders Of The Sun VOL.1 [Compost]

When we’re blessed with some brand-new records to listen to, even if -in a way- this is a part of our job, we always feel rather […]
Settembre 12, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Masako Ohta and Matthias Lindermayr – Oli’s Balloon [Squama Records]

I often think about how difficult it is, when you need it, to find the right music to calm down, relax, reflect. I find myself more […]
Agosto 23, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Hamza Rahimtula – Groove Guru LP [Selekta Recordings]

Here we are, back from holidays and craving for some new, good music to listen to.  We stumbled upon the forthcoming release on the American imprint […]
Agosto 17, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Steve Mill – The Mistake EP [True Romance]

As I was about to shut my laptop down and finally enjoy some short holiday here comes Tensnake and his True Romance Records with an EP […]
Luglio 19, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Juan Demal – The Globe Funk [Aureon]

Well well well, here we go again Aureon Records. After a brief period of silence the Italian imprint from Liguria strikes back with another surprising work […]
Luglio 13, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Genius Of Time – Sunswell [Oath]

One of the most visionary artists of all time, the very much missed Frank Zappa, once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. […]
Giugno 7, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Il Mare Di Fronte – Il Mare Di Fronte EP [Flankup Recordings]

How nice it is to see a young record label grow and flourish, especially if the people that pull its strings bring forward a specific concept […]
Maggio 27, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Jon Gravy – MMXX LP [Gravy Trax]

‘MMXX LP’, that’s the name of Jon Gravy’s album out on Gravy Trax the 27th of May 2022. The Austrian and Vienna based producer delivers his […]
Aprile 27, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Melchior Sultana – Self Reflection LP [Oath]

Melchior Sultana delivers a really interesting LP called Self Reflection on Oath and we got the chance to listen to it in advance, we really liked […]
Aprile 19, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Masomenos – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena LP [Automatic Writing]

Listening to Masomenos’ newest work called ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ is one of the best things I could hope for, starting such an intense and tiring week […]
Aprile 4, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Shoko Igarashi – Simple Sentences [Tigersushi Records]

The Parisian creative collective Tigersushi, remaining true to its very own inclination to proposing peculiar sounds, is about to release another uncommon sonic product: Shoko Igarashi’s […]
Marzo 22, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: BMB Spacekid – Taste Booster (incl. Art Of Tones Remix) [Minor Notes]

BMB Spacekid, the super talented producer hailing from St. Petesrburg, delivers a stunning 6-track EP called ‘Taste Booster’ on Minor Notes Recordings. The record which includes […]
Marzo 14, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Relly & Haze City – These Sounds EP [Cassé Records]

Relly & Haze City are pairing up to release their forthcoming ‘These Sounds EP’ on Cassé Records, and it’s such an interesting and intriguing collaboration indeed.
Febbraio 24, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Sinan Kaya – Alive [Aureon]

The sixth release of the Aureon Records’ catalogue sees Sinan Kaya in command of the operations. The producer from Istanbul is not a newbie to the […]
Febbraio 2, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Rosie From The Block – Love Potions For Block Parties [Vice City]

The reason why this record by Rosie From The Block caught our attention is a no brainer. We have always had a penchant for this kind […]
Febbraio 1, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: HDSN – Low End Therapy [We Must Protect This House]

HDSN’s latest EP called Low End Therapy will be out on We Must Protect This House (NBAST sister label) and we can easily say it’s one […]
Gennaio 24, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Portable – My Sentient Shadow [Circus Company]

As some of you may start to figure out, we prefer to listen to (therefore to write about) unexpected, unconventional, experimental music. That’s the case of […]
Gennaio 5, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Mambele – Proton

What a nice way to start the new year… Listening to Mambele’s new digital EP ‘Proton’ in preview. The Belgian producer delivers a fresh record, light, […]
Dicembre 14, 2021

Melle Brown – Brown Eyes (Golden) Ft. Angelin & fromLondon [Melle Brown]

Melle Brown’s single ‘Brown Eyes (Golden) ft. Angelina & FromLondon’ represents the kind of soulful, Jazzy, mid-tempo House sonic vibe that we love and that -most […]
Dicembre 1, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Booh Tales – Sarmacja (The Remix Album) [Flexi Cut]

The Italian imprint and record store Flexi Cuts, operating since 1984 in Lugo, launches its next glorious vinyl release with a special remix LP by Booh […]
Novembre 29, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: David Agrella – Robot Romance [Agrellomatica Records]

The 2nd release (and vinyl) of Agrellomatica Records has just dropped and we got the chance to give it a proper listen. The three-track EP is […]
Ottobre 22, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: TAOS – Robbed Answer ft. ddöve [Pont Neuf]

The French imprint Pont Neuf Records just shared the official music video of their latest release, TAOS – Robbed Answer ft. ddöve.
Settembre 17, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Art Of Tones – All Night Brotherhood EP

It’s always a pleasure to write about our friend Ludovic Lorca aka Art Of Tones here on our pages, but we would never do it just […]
Settembre 2, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Co-Pilot’s – Green Machine LP [New Interplanetary Melodies]

Lately I’ve become quite picky when it comes to listening to new music: I can’t stand those trite sounds that pretend to be new but they’re […]
Agosto 31, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: El Niño Andrés – Life Is Worth Living [Jackie Brown]

Wait a minute El Niño Andres, what an LP you’ve put together! The Croatian’s producer’s ‘Life Is Worth Living’ is a truly exquisite selection of fresh, soulful, sensual, stylish and […]
Giugno 18, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Yulio – Venus LP [Diffuse Reality]

The sunny season is about to start, new releases are swirling and new music to listen to just piles up on my desk, yet, amongst the […]
Giugno 17, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: She Lies – Talking With You [Exlove]

When we first listened to ‘Needed You’ EP by the Berlin based duo She Lies we felt instantly engaged and decided it was definitely worth a […]
Giugno 17, 2021

Apparel Review: Jonna feat. Javonntte – Jus Move [Lumberjacks In Hell]

What a lovely coincidence running into our friend’s Lumberjacks In Hell newest release! A great three tracks EP out both on vinyl and digital, brought to […]
Giugno 10, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Dib – Eleghéia 001 [Aureon]

In this new Apparel Review we will focus on the next release (second to date) of the Italian imprint Aureon, which presents a truly impressive four […]
Giugno 4, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Moomin – The Snoofer [Oath]

When we listened to this beautiful release by Moomin we immediately thought we’d write something about it. In the ocean of music that exists today it […]
Maggio 25, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Temple – Love Machine EP [Internasjonal]

The Adelaidean Temple is the protagonist of the next release on the Norwegian imprint Internasjonal (run by the renowned Oslo wonder boy Prins Thomas), with an […]
Maggio 21, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: David Agrella – Transition [Agrellomatica Records]

David Agrella is about to release the first EP -called ‘Transition’- of his very own Agrellomatica Records, on the next 24th of May. The writer of […]
Maggio 16, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: fleet.dreams – Return of the Dreamer [Leopard Cage]

Fleet Dreams is about to release his newest record called ‘Return of the Dreamer’, a four track EP on Leopard Cage, available both on cassette and […]
Aprile 27, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: minimalArchiv – Transfigured’ EP [Integrity Records]

“The five years old imprint Integrity Records blows the 20th candle of its catalogue with an intriguing four track EP by minimalArchiv called ‘Transfigured’. We carefully listened to the UK […]
Aprile 18, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Alton Miller – From The Future EP [Roots Underground]

The Chicagoan but Detroit based artist doesn’t need any further introduction, his nearly 30 yrs career speaks for him, so let’s just dive into the sound […]
Marzo 16, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Bomat – Doing All Right [Nervous Records]

It’s always a hard task to review music from Nervous Records. The mythical imprint from NYC, over the years, got us accustomed to some extreme quality […]
Marzo 5, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Lay-Far – Good Thing! [Lumberjacks In Hell]

“Alexander Lay-Far is undoubtedly one of the most talented house producers of his generation: an artist whose love of expansive instrumentation is matched by a keen […]
Febbraio 23, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Drips Zacheer – A Dive Into the Subconscious [ear-sight]

The next release on ear-sight, the Berlin based international collective of producers and beat makers, is an LP by the Greek Drips Zacheer named ‘A Dive […]