Mambele - Proton

What a nice way to start the new year…
Listening to Mambele’s new digital EP ‘Proton’ in preview.

The Belgian producer delivers a fresh record, light, yet dense of sonic details. ‘Proton’ is a condensate of his most instinctive, visceral, ingrained musical influences and flows effortlessly since the intro ‘All It Is’ and the first track ‘Amor Fati feat ZiL, Raffello Visconti, Pierre Spataro’, with its soulful energy, to the Brazilian-bossa vibes of ‘Connections’ and the more Hip-Hop (ish) feel of ‘Vibrations’ to the outro ‘Rising’ and its Downtempo spirit. ‘Proton’ digital EP, out next week on the 12th of January 2022, is a remarkable example of Mambele’s flair and talent as a music producer.