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"Apparel Music return and introduce a new sub label Apparel Tronic. The intention for diffusion label is to shift focus towards UK-rooted beats, nu-jazz, downtempo and even jungle - or what the label likes to to term 'bliss-beat'."



Originally born in Milan - SCHiLLiNG relies on a process he likes to describe as ‘contamination’ of sound which entails the layering of field recordings and the sounds of his home environment with those of synths, real instruments and samples. This approach brands a clear stamp on his productions and enables him to create a truly singular strand of dance music and it’s this that glues together the 9 disparate tracks of Hella.


The 2nd release will see the debut of Eshla with a maxi Ep composed by 7 tracks. The Milan based producer and sound designer delivers a complete and adventurous trip trough his imaginary made of intricate beats, skillful sampling and captivating melodies. The cover of the EP is another creation of the dutch artist Vesna Vrdolljak who’s collaboration gives to the label a unique image.


The 3rd release from Apparel Tronic is brought to you by Japanese outfit Omnine and is a sumptuous and experimental six track EP full of atmosphere that definitely brings something new to your ears. Omnine is a Japanese duo made up of the experienced and visionary musician and sound designer Gak Sato, and singer Hiroko Mastropaolo.


Giona Vinti is a Milan based sound designer, producer and live act also known as Hyena; under this moniker he explored numerous musical scenes and genres throughout the years and eventually came up with a new solo project under his true name. This brand new approach allows him to experiment abstract compositions, untied to any musical category and far from the dancefloor logics, in an attempt to build his own musical playground.


Tryst will mark their debut this May with ‘Issho’, a five-track collection based around field recordings taken in Tokyo/Kyoto accompanied by remixes from Japanese Jazz musician Gak Sato and Apparel Tronic founders Kisk and SCHiLLING under their new collaborative guise, 2KS. Jordan & Enhua Bruce are a duo hailing from London, UK and Toudao, China and whilst Jordan is no stranger to production being one half of the Yard One duo and founder of Tact Recordings, his life and now production partner in this new side project marks her production debut with Tryst.


We’re here to celebrate another step forward of our newest label introducing the 6th release on the catalogue & 2nd on vinyl, by an artist we really admire and we’re delighted to have on board with us: Julian Habib aka Inkswel, on this project with his alias “That Dude Inkswel”. The man himself created an 8 tracks LP which truly represents our spirit of experimentation, this time round steering towards a more jazzy influenced hip-hop, shaped up staying true to the sound we love.


The 7th release on Apparel Tronic’s catalogue is an EP from the Russian duo Kulaki called “U Can Say”. It’s a 5 tracks EP composed by 3 originals plus 2 remixes: by Vito Gatto and the founders themselves, 2KS. “U Can Say” opens the EP with its spacey atmospheres blended skilfully with the vocals that tell the whole story. The two remixes are drawn by “U Can Say”, featured by the violinist/electronic music composer Vito Gatto and 2KS aka Kisk & SCHiLLiNG add great quality to the EP bringing their fresh energetic impact.


An uncompromising return is coming and we, as a label, are extremely proud to host it on our frequencies: the internationally known Russian duo Scsi-9 is back with “Squares And Circles” an 8 track album enclosed in a double vinyl. The 8th record on our elecTronic catalogue is an abstract, geometric but above all analog journey through Anton & Maxim’s souls; an identifying concrete work of research which displays the “two-dimensional & mathematical” approach of their connected minds.


We’re so happy and proud to welcome such an inspiring musician and energetic soul to our family with a release that we consider as groundbreaking, bold and futuristic. The EP’s called “Nasty Drifts From Sequoia” and from the title Artizhan wants to take us by the hand through a journey in his obsessive modern/mediterranean rhythms, “originated by the totemic secular Sequoia” and sublimated in a Dubcore kaleidoscope. The tracklist is composed by 3 original tracks and one remix by 2KS, Apparel Tronic’s owners.


Apparel Tronic comes back after the heat of summer introducing the first V/A on the catalogue and its 10th release overall. The 3 producers we chose, Anton Kubikov, Artizhan & Tommy Vicari Jnr. need no introduction so we’re simply grateful to them for their availability to huddle up and create some great music for one cause and it’s surprising how the three tracks, colliding, offer different but likeminded perspectives, like fragmenting planets creating new ones.


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