AM family, here’s a message for you.

One of our main goals since the beginning is to always renew our brand and products, that’s why recently we’ve been interrogating ourselves on how to continue to sustain the Apparel Wax project, and we want to share with you why we decided to start this new chapter.
The music market have become serial and its products lost identity, therefore, value.
That’s why, with our new ‘Off’ series we want to introduce a more intimate and exclusive way to use Apparel Wax’s music.
The purpose of AW was to bring back music to the spotlight and, yes, we’ll continue to do it but in a different way.

In essence, we’ll keep releasing music on Apparel Wax’s catalogue but at three conditions:

1. Vinyl only (there won’t be any streaming).
2. Only one track per release.
3. One single copy for each release.

As you can see, what all three conditions have in common is the number ‘1’.
For us music is the highest form of art and, knowing the long and detailed process behind the creation of a vinyl, we want to start giving -at least to some of our records- our own value.
A value based on the quality of the product and its uniqueness, like a rare piece of art.

While Apparel Wax will be the first to apply this new idea for all its future catalogue, the ‘Off’ Series will also be available on Apparel Tronic and Apparel Music but only for some releases

Nothing will change in our approach to produce quality music, this is just a little step forward.

With love and respect
Apparel Music

parallax background

Music produced by Apparel Wax (ghost collective)
Mastered by Stefan Eichinger, - Frankfurt, Germany
Project and grafic curated by Giuseppe D'Alessandro
Licensed by Seisei Srl - Milano, Italy
Published by Apparel Music ® 2021