Apparel Select

It’s time to strengthen the bond between us, our artists and our followers and that’s why we’re launching our custom-made Mixcloud ‘Select’. With a little donation our Select service will allow you to access to some exclusive contents every week from Apparel Music/Apparel Tronic/Apparel Wax and more. Your contribution is really important as it will directly support the artists involved: we’ll share with them 1/3 of it. The ‘Select’ subscriber’s pack includes:


1. #WEEXATO > A weekly exclusive mix.
2. #APLISTEN > A premiere of the monthly release.
3. #APLATER > A promo of a future release.
4. #APPARELTALK > A brand new space where, twice a month, we’ll be interviewing an artist.


Launching ’Select’, a service which is tailored for our listeners,
represents a step further for us on the path of bonding with our community.