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The Apparel Wall is where we celebrate the Art we love and the artists who inspire us. We welcome any kind of Art on the Apparel Wall.

Agosto 30, 2022

APPAREL WALL: Jean-Michel Basquiat 

The Apparel Wall -the space where we share our tributes to the most influential and inspiring artists that impacted the world of art- is back. This […]
Ottobre 1, 2021

APPAREL WALL: Marco Fantini

Marco Fantini embodies the quintessence of the inspirational artist for us. A visionary, a fantasist who’s art can be extremely direct and striking but also quite […]
Marzo 20, 2021

APPAREL WALL: Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo is surely one of the most influential artists of the past ten years, as well as being a really important artist for us. He […]
Marzo 2, 2021

APPAREL WALL: Claudio Coccoluto

“Mixing is Jazz”, that’s what you said to me in the last chat we had and it’s impossible to describe how much, even three words, impacted […]