Novembre 24, 2022

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Art Of Tones (France)

Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones is an old acquaintance of ours, as well as a member of the broad musical family that we call the […]
Luglio 18, 2022


A while ago we visited Juliana -aka DJ Kleopatra- an icon of the Milanese nightlife, an extremely multifaceted and interesting figure that we can now call […]
Febbraio 14, 2022

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Osunlade (St Louis)

Osunlade, the sonic architect, Yoruba Records founder, sound researcher and messenger of sonic spirituality doesn’t need any further introduction; that’s why we’re overjoyed and honoured to […]
Novembre 2, 2021


Tuccillo, the Neapolitan musician now based in Spain, is a friend of The Apparel Music family and his career as a DJ/Producer and Sound Engineer is […]
Agosto 13, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Kerri Chandler [New York]

Kerri Chandler on the Apparel couch, it really happened! Here’s our chat with one of the most creative and influential musicians we know. Enjoy.
Giugno 8, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Jens Schwan [Berlin]

We’re delighted to host Jens Schwan for our Apparel Interview. Jens is the founder of The Clubmap, an online magazine which -over the years- established itself […]
Giugno 3, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Parkett Channel [Ita]

Parkett is one of the most interesting web magazines, dedicated to electronic music, in the Italian and international panorama. It’s been a true pleasure to interview […]
Maggio 27, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Dino Lupelli [Milano]

Dino Lupelli is one of the leading italian experts in communications, event planning and innovators in the music field. Yet founder of Elita and IMF (Italian […]
Maggio 14, 2021


Ka§par, the Portuguese DJ and producer, is about to release his next LP called ‘Gestures Of Release’, on the compatriot imprint Percebes Musica (both on vinyl […]
Maggio 10, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Sergio Messina [Milano]

We’re thrilled to share our latest Apparel Interview with Sergio Messina: one of the most intriguing, charismatic, versatile and fascinating people we know. Sergio is a […]
Aprile 27, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Tunde Caspa [London]

We’re glad to interview the eminent Tunde Caspa aka DJ Caspa on our new series of interviews for Apparel Music, being him one of our long-term […]
Aprile 23, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Mathias Modica [Munich]

The Apparel Media team is delighted to host Mathias Modica, one of the most awarded and enlightened artists and label managers in the independent music industry. […]
Marzo 29, 2021


We, at Apparel Music, are curious people. Somebody would consider it a defect but we think it’s rather a quality. One of our missions is to […]
Marzo 23, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Leo Bisenzi [Florence]

When it comes to the clubbing scene Leandro Bisenzi is definitely one of the highest profiles and one of the most respected long-time professionals in Italy […]