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'Tutto Quadra' EP by Carlo Giustini in Apparel Tronic


The Apparel Tronic team is hyped to introduce you to the twelfth release on our catalogue, provided by Carlo Giustini and his ’Tutto Quadra’ EP.

Carlo is a musician, sound designer and sound researcher but most importantly is a careful listener. His creative process entails the observation and auscultation of the environment that surrounds him. His productions derive by the accurate assimilation of what the space, object and matter can produce in terms of sound, that’s why he likes to call himself a ‘silent witness of what happens outside’, and rightfully so as he impeccably depicts the profound soul of these ambiences with his music.
His house is where everything usually starts off and ‘Tutto Quadra’ fully epitomises his musical talent, being a clear example of his workflow and a display of his influences. His musical approach is based on the listening of the outside world and to his house and it never begins with a specific idea but often just by leaving the microphone on and the window open because, as he says, ‘true music is out there’ . He draws inspiration from the Poor Art, collage and Found Sound and the hardware he employs is normally essential, sometimes flawed and primitive. His music has to be intended as a background sound, somebody would call it ‘drone’, but where the importance of details is crucial to get a grasp of its entirety as the sound layering entailed is complex and every factor blends in a metamorphic, boundless musical canvas.
Carlo says that ‘Tutto Quadra’ is his best work to date, involving Ambient, New age, sampled Jazz and Drone elements which really fit together and he suggests that it should be listened ‘from start to finish, at low volume and possibly at night.’ At Apparel Tronic we always try to be quality music purveyors, calibrating our releases; that’s why we can’t wait to share with you the five gems composing this great EP.

Tutto Quadra EP by Carlo Giustini, is out now.