Bomat - Doing All Right [Nervous Records]

It’s always a hard task to review music from Nervous Records. The mythical imprint from NYC, over the years, got us accustomed to some extreme quality music, consistently keeping high the brand’s name.

That’s why we’re really happy to introduce you to their imminent release, on March 19th, which is Bomat’s ‘Doing All Right’! The Cologne native but Berlin based DJ and producer, who from 2018 adopted his new moniker, is not new to Nervous Records, having already released ‘Classy Talk’ in 2020. But this time around he strikes again with another banger: ‘Doing All Right’. A powerful, Deep beat with some energetic and classy chords and a hint of Jazzy, a word that we always love to cite, here on our frequencies. The single, available in pre-order both on vinyl and digital and to the public from March 19th, is a dynamic and evocative production; extremely representative of Bomat’s talent. That kind of tune that cuts across genres and becomes archetypical of an attitude, in this special case, the NR attitude! Needless to say that ‘Bomat - Doing All Right’ - on Nervous Records - is highly recommended!



Bomat - Doing All Right [Nervous Records]

Apparel Premiere is happy to announce a forthcoming banger due to be released on March 19th via the renowned Nervous Records: ‘Doing All Right’ by Bomat! Bomat’s Deep touch, classy chords and a hint of Jazzy is more than welcome on our frequencies, so you just have to open you ears, lean back, enjoy his ‘Doing All Right’ on Apparel Premiere… and eventually get your copy of the vinyl or digital version!


Ludovico Schilling