Drips Zacheer - A Dive Into the Subconscious [ear-sight]

The next release on ear-sight, the Berlin based international collective of producers and beat makers, is an LP by the Greek Drips Zacheer named ‘A Dive Into The Subconscious’. The 25 yrs old producer and sound engineer comes from the Chalkida and is now based in Crete, in the city of Rethymno.
Out on the 26th of February the album is composed of thirteen carefully crafted beats, ranging from Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop to Jazz and Funk, in a full display of the young Greek’s musical talent. What you immediately notice at a first listen is a deep sound research and a careful selection of samples, alongside some parts played by the guitar, keys and the woodwinds too. With his record Drips Zacheer takes us to his homeland by mixing his predominant musical influences with those of his homeland, giving a Mediterranean touch to his beats thus making them truly unique. ‘A Dive Into The Subconscious’ is definitely a cohesive work that reflects the identity of a young musician with clear ideas and an excellent musical background, so get your ears ready for this next cool thing.