March 14, 2023

APPAREL REVIEW: Azar Azar – Cosmic Drops LP [Jazzego]

APPAREL REVIEW: Azar Azar – Cosmic Drops LP [Jazzego]: We just can’t deny it, we always consider ourselves immensely lucky to be able to get some […]
March 9, 2023

APPAREL REVIEW: Various Artists – Raw Tools Vol 1. [Outdom Records]

APPAREL REVIEW: Various Artists – Raw Tools Vol 1. [Outdom Records] – A four-track V/A was released on March 3rd on Outdom Records. It’s a record […]
February 28, 2023


The time when Si Tew will release his next LP called ‘Quietude’ is approaching; the label where it will land is one that has already welcomed […]
February 17, 2023

APPAREL REVIEW: The Degrees – The Day Out of Time [Fallen Tree 1Hundred]

APPAREL REVIEW: The Degrees – The Day Out of Time [Fallen Tree 1Hundred] / Perhaps it’s nostalgia for that wonderful time when making music was more […]
February 1, 2023

APPAREL REVIEW: Tour-Maubourg – Spaces Of Silence LP [Pont Neuf Records]

It’s amazing to see a label like Pont Neuf records flourish. The dedication and passion that the team of this Parisian label applies to each of […]
December 17, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Planet People – Terra Firma EP [Rush Hour]

The duo ‘Planet People’, composed of the talented musicians Reedale Rise and Black Eyes, is about to release their first EP called ‘Terra Firma’, which will […]
December 14, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Lucky Sun – Balance Remixed [Lucky Sun Recordings]

Is it just a coincidence if -lately- you’ve been reading more and more about remix albums on these pages? perhaps. Or maybe not. The thing is, […]
November 24, 2022

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Art Of Tones aka Llorca (France)

Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones is an old acquaintance of ours, as well as a member of the broad musical family that we call the […]
November 23, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: 291outer space – 너머 (Beyond) [Taste Rec.]

Let’s talk for a moment about the latest record released by the electronic ensemble ‘291outer space’ (close relative of the band 291out), a band that takes […]
November 18, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Felix Laband – The Soft White Hand [Compost Records]

When I first received the promo-pack for this album and looked at the amount of tracks and the length of the record, my first thought has […]
November 12, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Rich Medina, Rob Paine, Heights – Philadelphia [Worship Recordings]

Listening to this wonderful three-track EP called ‘Philadelphia’, by Rich Medina, Rob Paine, Heights, released on Worship Recordings, I firstly noticed how it is so packed […]
October 31, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: El Payo – In Motion [Stay True Sounds]

The album kicks-off with a dialogue between a synthesizer and a horn section, then, just when the build up has made us impatient enough to be […]
October 20, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: John Beltran presents SOL SET – Ola De Novo (The Remixes) [All Good Music]

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to push yourself to find the right angle to talk about a new record, fresh and enjoyable. The motivation to write about […]
October 16, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Malkov, Andrey P. – Morning Dub EP [Aureon]

We’re always glad to mention Aureon Records label in our reviews, because, although Alessio and his partners are relatively newcomers to the independent music industry, the […]
September 30, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Inkswel & Colonel Red – Holders Of The Sun VOL.1 [Compost]

When we’re blessed with some brand-new records to listen to, even if -in a way- this is a part of our job, we always feel rather […]
September 12, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Masako Ohta and Matthias Lindermayr – Oli’s Balloon [Squama Records]

I often think about how difficult it is, when you need it, to find the right music to calm down, relax, reflect. I find myself more […]
August 23, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Hamza Rahimtula – Groove Guru LP [Selekta Recordings]

Here we are, back from holidays and craving for some new, good music to listen to.  We stumbled upon the forthcoming release on the American imprint […]
August 17, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Steve Mill – The Mistake EP [True Romance]

As I was about to shut my laptop down and finally enjoy some short holiday here comes Tensnake and his True Romance Records with an EP […]
July 19, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Juan Demal – The Globe Funk [Aureon]

Well well well, here we go again Aureon Records. After a brief period of silence the Italian imprint from Liguria strikes back with another surprising work […]
July 13, 2022

APPAREL REVIEW: Genius Of Time – Sunswell [Oath]

One of the most visionary artists of all time, the very much missed Frank Zappa, once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. […]