Jon Gravy - MMXX LP 
[Gravy Trax]

MMXX LP’, that’s the name of Jon Gravy’s album out on Gravy Trax the 27th of May 2022. The Austrian and Vienna based producer delivers his highly anticipated second LP to date, composed of seven tracks including three feats by DXDX, Jill and Anna Buchegger.

The record (digital/streaming) starts with the opening ‘MMXX earth’ which, with its spacey pads, the substantial beat and the processed vocals resonates with its unique frequencies. ‘Close To You feat. DXDX’ instantly raises the bar to a really high sonic level with the raw, broken rhythm section (the album’s trademark) and the vocals, creating a detailed, yet highly enjoyable song. ‘Hold Us feat. Jill’ keeps the standards high with its dreamy arpeggios, another masterly arranged rhythm section and a really good sense of the dynamics. Indeed, what I really like when I listen to music is the pauses, the silences, and here Jon gives us a nice example of how sublime could be, to ‘play’ with the silences. ‘Sunrise feat. Anna Buchegger’ is another great example of a succeeded collaboration and with its sensorial, melodic elegance, leads to ‘Thoughtful Hours’ which exquisitely portraits the artist’s more gentle, tranquil soul. ‘Keep Waiting’ is the first track so far to not include any written vocals, only some glimpses of vocal samples here and there, but all-in-all another very well crafted production, keeping the same sonic pattern and arrangement of the previous ones, therefore, remaining true to the rhythmic concept of the record. The closing tune, ’Melt 2.73’, is the culmination of the LP with its evolutive, smooth synth patterns and some perfectly reworked vocal samples, the track has a very pleasant sinusoidal structure which keeps the listener entertained from the beginning to the end, ‘MMXX LP’ is in general a very accurate and direct display of the artist’s sonic influences, of his talent and a rather explicit declaration of intent; overall a very cohesive work and a very nice listening. Thanks to Jon Gravy and Gravy Trax for spreading such lovely sounds!