Il Mare Di Fronte
Il Mare Di Fronte EP
[Flankup Recordings]

How nice it is to see a young record label grow and flourish, especially if the people that pull its strings bring forward a specific concept and a precise idea of what’s the sound and the message that they want to convey. This is the case for Flankup Recordings and its masters Francesco and Paolo where the pair, before being extremely dedicated, passionate and devoted to their work happen to be also top guys.

The new catalogue that they launch with this nice EP (don’t worry, we’re gonna talk about it in a bit), aims to carry forward a more intimate approach to the sounds they’re gonna release on it; it aims to tell the sonic stories that lie behind the stage names of its makers, the emotions and feelings which are the direct cause of the creation of its music. This humbling task is here taken care of by one of the two masterminds behind Flankup, Paolo, with his newest moniker ‘Il Mare Di Fronte’ and his homonymous stunning five-track record, which features a remix by a royalty of the Milanese scene: DJ Rocca. But let’s get down to business and break the record down once and for all. ‘Il Mare Di Fronte EP’ is impregnated with a fresh, carefree and summery energy and that’s a no brainer, having been conceived by its creator during the summer of 2020 in Puglia. The first acoustic story of the new catalogue, therefore, is a tale of sun, sea and marine breeze but it also strikes for its solidity, its meticulous sound research and for the intricate, complex, yet fluid sonic patterns that unfold throughout the whole run. It kicks off with the estival opening -and title- track ‘Il Mare Di Fronte' and its uncluttered atmospheric chords, some well crafted, solid rhythmics and an ardent synthetic melody which makes it a potential anthem of a perfect Italian summer. The records then rolls on to A2, also known as ‘Synthonia’ which, by the title, suggests that some kind of harmonic peace guided its creation, under the sunshine. Yet again we find here pretty much the same sonic elements of the previous track, with a slower tempo, impeccable dynamics to the arrangement and -here’s the novelty in comparison to A1- a free interpretation to the keys with a defined will to improvise, not sticking to a pre-defined written score. ‘La Notte’ (A3) ends side A of the story, taking the listener by the hand into the mystery and excitement of the night; with a faster pace, the neat beat of the drums, such a groovy bass-line and the stabbed chords chasing each other, this is a proper belter to dance the night away. Side B starts with DJ Rocca’s perspective on the title track with his ’Salsedine’ remix. The Milanese producer brings the usual amount of passion and groove with his incisive version and the addition of a sinuous flute, leading the listener to the end of the record with the outstanding ‘Feel The Vibes’. Here’s another great example of such a masterly programmed rhythm section, where so many percussive element coexist spicing up the flow; the harmonic elements and the sonic details just create the perfect acoustic environment for the rhythm section to take the stage, making this final tune the perfect one to end this amazing trip. ‘Il Mare Di Fronte EP’ by Il Mare Di Fronte (written/produced and Arranged by Paolo Russi, with the participation of Luca Roccatagliati and the executive production by Francesco Bellini) is a five stars record also brilliantly presented in terms of graphics/cover art and you ladies & gentlemen don’t know yet how lucky you are to be able to have it in your Summer 2022. Thanks to Flankup Records for keep on being purveyors of good music.