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Apparel Music ® was created by Giuseppe D'Alessandro - aka Kisk - in 2010 following a quest for the most diverse musical styles. The need to explore this genre arises from the idea of bringing something new to the electronic scene.
The two dogs in our logo are the yin and yang, day and night, good and bad, the contrast generated by everything... but above all love.

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Our catalogues explore all the music genres that we love and there’s one for any taste.
From dance to jazzy, house, electronic, downtempo, jungle: find em all in our dedicated section!



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Apparel Radio show is our signature format which delivers special mixes from the artists that we love
Tronicast is the Apparel Tronic podcast series! Each artist that releases music on Tronic will deliver one!
Apparel Wax is the new Apparel Music ghost collective and it’s hosted in the main radio shows, worldwide, with its club, funky & soul vibes!