HDSN - Low End Therapy
[We Must Protect This House]

HDSN’s latest EP called Low End Therapy will be out on We Must Protect This House (NBAST sister label) and we can easily say it’s one of the hottest House music releases since the beginning of 2022.

Four tracks, four different feelings, four variations on the House theme with great intensity and intentions by the German talented producer, who has already got numerous great record under his belt. The EP, out on the 23rd of February (vinyl only) is a tangible proof of HDSN’s tendency to experiment and push his producing capabilities to the limits, always delivering stimulating records. Low End Therapy kicks off with the groove and the harmonic explosion of Cancel The Noise, keeps the pace up with the following Hypercolour and its quieter but not at all stagnant feel. Instead, this track includes quite a vast range of sonic research and details such as a masterly designed harmonic progression and acid bass-line. Resurrection, with its good old Lo-Fi touch and a solid rhythm section, represents the best way to keep the tension high in sight of the closing A Fad To Die For which certainly falls into the category of the ‘For club use only’ tracks. Proper acid belter.