Booh Tales - Sarmacja (The Remix Album)

[Flexi Cuts]

The Italian imprint and record store Flexi Cuts, operating since 1984 in Lugo, launches its next glorious vinyl release with a special remix LP by Booh Tales - Sarmacja called The Remix Album.

The vinyl consists of six masterly produced tracks (three on each side) and includes Kròl - Lazy Snail ‘Fall Dream Mix’, which we’ll premiere here on the Apparel Music website. The whole record smoothly flows from the beginning to the end and contains a remarkable amount of different sonic variations since its ouverture, with a fresh Dub version of Chaka Demus by Roberto S, rolling on to the meeker, elegant and dreamy energy of Lazy Snail and ending the A side with the more rhythmic and Jungle-ish vibes of Booh - Revise (Ping Pong Dub).
B side kicks off with Kròl - Relative ‘Future Classic Mix’ that immediately strikes with its powerful progressive energy and suddenly dives into a sea of Downtempo, R&B classy and sensual vibrations, with Sam Ruffillo’s chic version of Booh’s ‘Re-Rub’. The final brushstroke of this stunningly diversified record is a ‘Nostalgic Collage Mix’ of ‘Pepe’ by Booh. In short, our opinion is that an album shouldn’t just be a solid, clean sonic reproduction of an artist’s (or many artists’) idea, but a miscellaneous of different influences; it should take each listener by the hand to an imaginary trip (sometimes tortuous) into the producer’s mind. For this reason, what attracts me the most about this LP is its detailed carelessness, which it’s much easier to achieve with a remix album, but that should be always pursued by music ‘creators’. The Remix Album by Booh Tales - Sarmacja will be out in the beginning of December and it’s highly recommended to everyone who likes irregular, patchy and asymmetrical records, which for me are three essential characteristics that music should always have.