parallax background

The Cinematic Orchestra & Roots Manuva - All Things To All Men

Taken from one of my favourite albums of all time, ‘Every Day’ from The Cinematic Orchestra. It’s 11 minutes long and doesn’t get boring - a nod to how diverse the production is.


Oriol - Spiral

This whole album is a masterclass in ‘musical world building’. Each track has such a vibe to it, always transporting me into its shimmery soundscape. ‘Spiral’ takes the win for me with the funky low end and airy feel. It’s an album I often reference when trying to add depth to my tracks.


John Tejada - Two 0 One

A beauty from John Tejada that never grows old. The weightless melody and restrained breaks always grab me. There’s a bunch of production techniques here which have no doubt inspired my music.


Babyfather & Arca - Meditation

I always have this one on repeat, slick and deep. Babyfather make some wild music, but this one takes the win. I’ve also played this in a few sets, acting as a rolling interlude of sorts.


Physics - Mad Love (Markus Enochson Remix)

This is one of the first records I ever bought and it’s one I always go back to. Bubbly and deep, this one makes you feel like you’re coasting through an underwater city. For any keen listeners, I also took sampling inspiration on my track ‘Meditations’ - sampling spoken word from Fight Club which also feature at the start of this track. 


JohNick - Good Time

An absolute classic this. Crunchy drums, ear-worm vocal loops and some charmingly jarring vox chops in the second half. Love it. My sister introduced me to the track when I was younger, buying me a repress for my birthday, so it’ll always hold a nostalgic place.