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#1 - Aphex Twin

It represents the awakening of our musical consciousness. It's our lucid dream that inspires what we do. 


You’re Everything - Return To Forever

It's our sonic birth. This record served for the production of Ghost Ego - Butch Haynes, Luca's other moniker. 


Funk Groove - Mutant Beat Dance

This track embodies the dark soul of Complementary Minds, hailing from Chicago, one of the earth's spots that pulls us the most. The artists behind this project keep churning out cutting-edge music to this day.


NTT DoCoMo - Arpanet

Taking the I-90 East to I-94 East to I-96 East, you'll reach Detroit. Arpanet embodies the innate connection we have with the Detroit scene, which definitely doesn't need our introduction. 


Money Folder (FourTet Remix - Instrumental) - Madvillain

This track epitomises the musical encounter between the UK and the US, the blending of cultures that fuels our creative process.


Bind Us Together (Unity Dub Mix) - The Rootsman

Like the previous tracks, this one also belongs to a somewhat bygone scene. And while staying current is important, we often find ourselves drawing inspiration from past music scenes and past rhythmic patterns.