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St Germain - What's New

Transporting me to the era when my love affair with deep house began, this track is a delightful blend of jazzy chord stabs and a bouncing bassline, evoking a timeless sound that resonates with me. 


Chaos In The CBD - It’s Up To Me

As a regular in my rotation, Chaos in the CBD never disappoints, and this track stands out as a gem from the duo. The fusion of a gritty bassline with silky keys creates a perfect balance, crafting a dreamy atmosphere that captivates my senses. 


Kai Alcé - Spce Skat n Dat

A sonic journey unfolds with this track, featuring lo-fi sounds and textures. The vocal chops seamlessly add another dimension, creating a cohesive and mesmerizing experience.


Max Sinal - Let Your Hair Down

A timeless record that fills me with nostalgic vibes, absolutely in love with the silky jazz piano keys, stripped-back drums, and Hutch's soulful vocals. Each element compliments eachother nicely. Defo a personal favorite 


Sometimes Jah - Just Feel

Instantly grabbing my attention with its dynamic drums and bass pattern, this song is a straight up invitation to dance. The electric piano sits gracefully atop the arrangement, complemented by robotic vocals that add an intriguing layer. 


N.W.N - Play With My

An instant soulful house classic, this track has proven its enduring appeal with its infectious groove and captivating vocal sample. Its timeless quality ensures it will stand the test of time, consistently delivering an irresistible and groovy experience.