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selected by Ross

David Bowie - Secret Life of Arabia

My fave track off Heroes, that bass just gets me every time. I love the way he uses the high and low vocals to duel against each other. Should be played out more.


Mondo Grosso - Star Suite (Shelter Album Mix)

Couldn't miss this track off, talk about goosebumps. Love how it builds and builds like a classical piece reaching its crescendo. I first heard it on a Body and Soul compilation 20 years ago, then I was at Off Sonar in 2016 and heard FunkinEven play it at Secret Sundaze just before sunset. What a magical moment, when it finally unleashed and kicked off around 8 minutes in, all hell broke loose. I can remember losing it with a tear quite literally in my eye. Amazing! 


6th Borough Project - Back to Black (Cuthead Remix)

6th Borough Project are unreal, such talented producers. I remember Nick dropping this when warming up for Gerd Janson, and the club went OFF, such a brilliant track.


selected by Nick

Kyle Hall - JJ Dreams Of Nippon

I’m a big fan of Kyle Hall. Whether it's stripped-back deep mid-tempo house or heavily distorted techno, he nails it every time. When I listen to his more jazz-infused house tracks, I treat it as an education and this track is a perfect example. Love it! 


Moon B - Moontwo

I know Moon B uses a Korg sampler to produce his music and he records to cassette for that hazy lo-fi sound which I really like. Sometimes modern music can be too clean and a bit of grit can add a certain emotion to the music. Moon B has many tracks I could choose from but this one has always been a favourite. 


Space Ghost - New World Energy (Sunset Mix)

 I love the way the elements build in this track. It has a real vintage Chicago Larry Heard vibe about it. Being a family man now, I haven’t had the chance to see too many DJs play for quite a while but I’d love to hear this in a dark club somewhere.