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selected by Pawas

Talisman - Air

A mesmerizing and super emotional track from one of my all time favorite albums “Moon Safari” by the french band Air, released in 1998. This is a composition that takes me to a safe space where i can be vulnerable and process. 


Daso - Daybreak / T. Anders

The breakthrough track of my dear friend and collaborator Daso (R.I.P) released in 2006 on cologne based record label Traum Schallplatten. This track evokes and triggers a bunch of mixed emotions in me and also the audience. This is one of those tracks which can get the people going on the dancefloor and also send them off at the end of the night with a smile. 


Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen

Love at first listen... this tune has been in my playlist since the day i discovered it. Released in 2017 on Four Tet’s album “New Energy” The Santoor is so beautifully mixed with the subtle groove and a deep, subby-bassline which i cant get enough of!


selected by Anurag

Bending the Rules - Shakti

"Bending the Rules" by the legendary ensemble “Shakti” became an immediate favourite, when it was released in 2023. The enchanting fusion of guitar, mandolin, tabla, and kanjira, all tied together by Shankar Mahadevan's vocals, creates a vibrant masterpiece. This track encapsulates the magic of blending Indian classical with jazz and blues—something Shakti pioneers. It's a musical journey seamlessly merging diverse traditions, giving each element equal space and respect and it continues to inspire me everytime I give it a listen. 


Bhairavi: Adi Anant - Creation Mondiale

"Bhairavi," a mesmerizing performance by the legendary Hariprasad Chaurasia, Henri Tournier, and Orchestra Trans Europeennes, was recorded live in Paris in 1999 and released as the album named “Adi Anant - Creation Mondiale.” This marked the first time I witnessed the seamless fusion of Indian classical music with the Western symphony orchestra. The gradual ascent of the entire track, leading to a breathtaking crescendo, never fails to send shivers down my spine with each listen. 


Kone Kone - Sampadan 25 (Todh Teri Dance Edit)

"Sampadan 25" by Kone Kone and Todh Teri in the 'Deep In India' series is a cool mix of minimal melodies and hypnotic beats. It's the ultimate chill track, and I love grooving to it. It takes me time travelling. Todh Teri has a unique way of creating rhythmic grooves, with a dance beat and disco touch in this particular track, making it perfect for clubbing as well.