parallax background

Arvo Pärt - Cantum In Memory Of Benjamin Britten

Pärt is the most legendary living musician I can think of; his poetics are so inspiring to me and his “desert-like" musicality formed me. This track greatly represents his sensitivity, his working path, the bridge between two periods of his career and the discovery of Tintinnabuli. This composition has accompanied me throughout many moments. 


Giant Claw, NTsKi - Disworld

This track is unquestionably the perfect union between orchestral and electronic music, a fragmented flow of experimentation; noise and harmony interact together with a great energy. This work summarises well the extremes of my musical research: firstly classical, then electronic. I feel like in the future I would aim for producing something like that, with an orchestra. 


Abu AMA - Sadu Vision

A talented producer and musician, in my opinion he is a master of the recording process, same as Muslimegauze. This is a totally hypnotic track, the result of a live jam and it represents very well the musicality that has been happily influencing me for some time now. A breath of fresh air in the midst of a sea of ​​confused sounds that lately, en masse, giving a nod to Africa and the Middle East.


Roberto Musci, Giovanni Venosta - Dialogue Between A Dreamer And Others

Musci has always been an experimenter, a manipulator of sounds (just think of one of his latest albums "Melanesia") and an excellent musician. Roberto Musci is -first of all- a traveler and Venosta is his travel companion. This track, as well as this album, is a conceptual journey, a dialogue between primitive and future. I find the homogeneity of the mix between the synths and the recordings of distant journeys and Venosta's piano, quite surprising. Echoes coming from thousands of miles away that make me feel at home, for me this is what World Music means. 


Asa Chang & Junray - Hana

This song is another fitting example of the concept of music from the world and the potentiality of Asa Chang, an excellent percussionist and producer. The thing that makes me feel closer to this work is the fusion of different European, Indian and Japanese musical traditions but revisited in an experimental, very contemporary key. His particular use of sound design, as a unifying element, refers a lot to what I try to do in my productions. This track also made me go places, very far away. 


Bernard Parmegiani - La Roue Ferris

It is impossible not to wrap this selection up with Parmegiani, the undisputed pioneer of electro-acoustics, alongside Schaeffer. For me he represents the musical doppelgänger of Arvo Pärt; his “acousmatic" concrete compositions, his albums such as “De Natura Sonorum” and this track, which is part of a collection of works from the 70s, refers a lot to the sonic desert that Pärt tries to capture and resonates in me for being the classification of a period of musical experimenters with whom I would have liked to go out for dinner, ask them questions and exchange ideas.