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Subjoi - The Way I Feel

A pretty obvious one if you’re from the Lo-Fi House community, but nonetheless this was one of the first Lo-Fi House tracks I discovered on youtube which inspired me to start making this genre of music. 


Bicep - Atlas

Atlas is one of those tracks that I feel can change your mood from the first second it starts playing. It’s one of the most beautiful electronic tracks I know and I’m always so mesmerised by that arpeggio. 


Burial & Four Tet - Moth

I always love a track with subtle and repetitive elements that can keep me interested for a long period of time. Burial and Four Tet are musical geniuses and they execute that so well here. A 9-minute track has never passed so fast.


Dusky - Cold Heart

 One of my favourite modern deep house dancefloor tracks. I’ve loved Dusky for years but I remember hearing this at a club circa 2016 and was hooked. The bassline is addictive and the classic deep house organ really speaks to me and is an influence on my own music. Thank goodness for Shazam :) 


DJ Antoine - This Time (Klaas Remix)

One of the first electronic tracks I remember ever being obsessed with. I hadn’t even reached my teenage years when I discovered this track. I found that old electro sound so cool. 


Moox - Five Roses

My upcoming release with Dealt With Records which I’m really excited to share with everyone.