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Herbie Hancock - Nobu

Originally released in 1974, this track was really ahead of its time. The pulsating modular sequencer that runs through it could easily slot in to a current Techno tune 50 years on. It was in fact sampled by Radio Slave on the vinyl only ‘Dedication’ in 2015. 


Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room

One of the coolest tracks ever made in my opinion, with one of the most frustrating/genius endings you’ll hear that will make sure you have it on repeat as it really leaves you wanting more. 


Reginald Omas Marode IV - Stay Strong (Revolutionaires Position)

Another Really cool one. Super clean and stripped back production with just drums, bass and vocals, all sitting perfectly in their spaces. Reginalds flow and lyrics accompany it all effortlessly.


Linkwood Family & Joseph Malik - Miles Away

This one just oozes sexiness from the off. That two minute intro really seduces you with those atmospheric horns and keys before it the bass and beat eases their way in before those infectious vocals drop. Timeless track. 


Trancesetters - Secrets of Meditation

I heard this at the Icon stage at Glastonbury last year (can’t remember who was playing) and it blew my head off. Increasingly Intensifying 1994 Techno with those nutty vocals. The tension just keeps building until your head will inevitably blow off too. 


Groove Chronicles

Natural Had to take it back to where i started my DJ Journey with an old (slept on) favourite. El-b and Noodles bring the soul in 1997 just before the 2 step revolution properly took off in the UK Garage scene. I love this one for so many reasons, but as the years have gone by i especially appreciate those snares more and more.