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Ron Trent - Hooked on Your Love

Such a beautiful tune this from Ron Trent. So many of his records I could have included here. This record came out on Orbit Records in 2016. Im not sure if this was ever released by Ron himself at any stage. A great record to warm up a room. Sweet production as always from the master. 


Blaze - Klubtrance

Could include so many tracks from Blaze duo Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan. Gonna go with this one from their 1997 Basic Blaze LP. A lovely deep organic track with a sax that speaks to you . One for the real deep heads.


Gypsy - Funk De Fino (Limbo)

If my memory serves me right, I picked this up in Rub A Dub Records many moons ago on a record shopping trip to Glasgow. It’s got that trance vibe but with without the cheese. Years later i discovered it was played by David Mancuso at The Loft. This was confirmed to me by Dj Cosmo after hearing her play in Dublin.


Carl Craig - It’s a Wonderful Life

I live so much of CC’s work . This track is as deep as it gets. No drums on this one just beautiful chords and synths that propel you into a trance like state. Machine soul at its finest. 


Maysa Leak - The Bottle

This is a great house version of the Gil Scott Herron classic It came out on London soul label Expansion Records in 2002 . It features Incognito’s Bluey and Ski Oakful on production so it was always gonna be special. I’ve played this record many times over the years at the end of the night . Feel good vibes for sure. 


Glenn Davis - Special

I’m including this track of mine because it’s my most played track on Spotify with nearly 1200 plays. This track has been supported by a lot of Dj’s I admire . This came out in 2020 on F*CLR Records and includes a great remix from the legend Ashley Beedle.