Nonduality - Melodies EP

The next release on the Apparel Music’s catalogue APDEXTRA is a digital debut by Nonduality with his ‘Melodies’. Matthew Goldsmith (his real name) confesses that his first musical memories belong to a distant time when he used to dance along to The Beatles in his California living room with his mom and sister. Later he developed an obsession with guitar moving on to electronic music production in 2009 and, after relocating to Berlin in 2015, he immediately fell into the black hole of house and techno. The four track EP by the American/Berlin based producer is an amalgamation of a year’s worth of music production; two of the tracks originating in his flat in Friedrichshain, with the other two coming about during a visit to his friends ‘Local Dialect’ in New York City. Nonduality draws massive inspiration from artists like Janeret, Mangabey, Loure, and Loz Goddard to name a few and we’re really happy to host his debut on AM, being his ‘Melodies’ a perfect display of his musical capabilities. With ‘Melodies’ the artists looks at House Music from four different perspectives; from the Disco touch of the title track to the more Deep attitude of ‘Puzzle’ and ’Something New’ and finishing with ‘Unconscious’ with its fat bass-line and dreamy chords.

T1 Melodies
T2 Puzzle
T3 Something New
T4 Unconscious