parallax background

Daniel Avery - Naïve Response

I craved electronic music from years before. With Alternative and Alternative rock bands such as nine inch nails that mixed rock and electronic music and many more bands. But this album by Daniel Avery was the start of my underground electronic dance music journry.With Techno, House, Breaks and even electro this album had everything I needed to be introduced to this beautiful mind blowing scene.


Etapp Kyle - Quantum

Years passed and I became quite familiar with the scene. Especially with Techno and House music. This track here again changed my whole point of view and made Etapp one of my favorite artist. With this one I truly understood how Hypnotic Techno tunes where and how strong they can be with their hypnotizing and mesmerizing melodies and synths.


Evigt Mörker - Högre

Before Pandemics start to happen I was diving deep into atmospheric/deep Techno. This track by Evigt Mörker was the peak of that era for me.


Quelza - I See The Mist

As the pandemics ended tracks started to get rougher and harder so did my taste. This is an example as a bridge between the deep atmospheric tunes that I was loving and the harder ones. The atmosphere hypnotizes me all the time.


Pessimist - Ridge Racer Revolution

4 on the floor tracks were becoming boring for me. This track here is where I started digging Break/Jungle/Drum n' Bass tracks with keeping the dark and atmospheric techno background. So my taste was becoming very diverse and I started to mix different subgenres. Especially Leftfield and break tunes with 4 on the floor ones.


Etapp Kyle - None

Accidentally while listening to Etapp again I found out that his taste is also changing. Becoming very diverse, with fusion of breakbeat, electro and techno. This track was a huge influence on this release that I'm having. And I'm still switching between these subgenres as of today. Maybe recently I'm more into fast paced hypnotic/deep techno but I'm sure that I'll come around all these lovely subgenres again.