Apparel Wax - 004 EP

You might be curious about what we’re gonna give you as a present this time: a full Connect4 kit as we always like to play with numbers, right?

Here we are for the 4th round of Apparel Wax and a crazy one indeed for all the lovers of the vinyl masked man, a release that expresses 4 different nuances of House.

Few words are needed to describe the debut of the vinyl with A1 track which is a rarely powerful combination of 2.0 Dance Music and 80’s vibes, a proper slap in the face to kick it off! Our unknown DJ then shifts to a more sensual mode with A2, where funky guitar shades and smooth chords blended with the vocals that drag us on a more intimate level of listening to keep on traveling on a lower tone. B side starts with a track guided by weaving Jazzy rhythmics dialoguing hectically with Samba and some jungle environmental recordings, creating a super personal interpretation of Brazilian Jazzy House, while to end up the 4th trip on Wax Planet, B2 blesses us with some more classic vibes with a sharp string’s melody and a rich bassline guided silently by a Rhodes piano and some pungent and melancholic female vocals, to end it up in style. Mixmag, Delicieuse Musique and Sloth Boogie premieres APLWAX004 in the end of July.

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