Maggio 18, 2021

The Clubmap Label Interview: Apparel Music

Für das neueste Label Interview haben wir Apparel Music am Start. Das jazzige Musiklabel wurde 2009 vom italienischen DJ/Produzenten Kisk gegründet. Das Bedürfnis, dieses Genre zu […]
Maggio 17, 2021


We are happy to introduce you to ‘Apparel Room’, our new live channel where we’ll share cool vibes from the guest’s rooms! Guest #005: Anime On […]
Maggio 16, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: fleet.dreams – Return of the Dreamer [Leopard Cage]

Fleet Dreams is about to release his newest record called ‘Return of the Dreamer’, a four track EP on Leopard Cage, available both on cassette and […]
Maggio 15, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: fleet.dreams – Infinite Divinity [Leopard Cage]

The simple pleasure of a crisp hi-hat, a bass line groove, “A Basement, A Red Light, And A Feelin’…” Reminding us of the sensual subtleties we […]
Maggio 14, 2021

WEEXATO #030: I-Robots

Maggio 14, 2021


Ka§par, the Portuguese DJ and producer, is about to release his next LP called ‘Gestures Of Release’, on the compatriot imprint Percebes Musica (both on vinyl […]
Maggio 14, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Pinaud – Afrojazz (Raw Analog Funk Remix) [Mondo Dingo Records]

Raw Analog Funk duo Ben Men and Rob Malone are now stepping out with a brand new label project, Mondo Dingo Records. The Paris based indie promises to […]
Maggio 13, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Ka§par – Maritime Myriad (with Change Request) [Percebes Musica]

Percebes starts 2021 by releasing the label honcho’s brand new “Gestures Of Release” LP. It’s an offering of tracks that reflect the producer’s unique take on […]
Maggio 13, 2021

Food and Tunes featured Jakob Apelian ‘Kimchi Jazz’

What real use am I to you, the reader, if I don’t endeavour to transport you to another place? If that place isn’t a hillside in […]
Maggio 11, 2021

Jakob Apelian ‘Let Me Explain’ featured in Spotify and Beatport

Jakob Apelian’s ‘Let Me Explain’ featured in the ‘Lo-fi House’ playlist powered by Spotify editors and selected in three ‘Deep House’ charts by the Beatport team.
Maggio 10, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Sergio Messina [Milano]

We’re thrilled to share our latest Apparel Interview with Sergio Messina: one of the most intriguing, charismatic, versatile and fascinating people we know. Sergio is a […]
Maggio 5, 2021

5Mag (Chicago) reviewed Better Dimension Ep

Apparel Music is a sanctuary for the strange and eclectic, the freaks and weirdos who move among us and have devoted themselves to soulful electronic music.
Maggio 4, 2021

O sótão (Porto) reviewed Better Dimension Ep

Apparel Music keeps on delivering their trademark smooth deep vibes, this time around introducing Stockholm-based Jakob Apelian and his Better Dimension EP. The Swede’s 3-track EP […]
Maggio 3, 2021

Out now Better Dimension EP by Jakob Apelian

Does time fly or Apparel Music’s EXTRA catalogue is just grinding great releases one after another recently? We haven’t got the answer to such a self-referential […]
Maggio 1, 2021

APPAREL WALL: Marco Fantini

Marco Fantini embodies the quintessence of the inspirational artist for us. A visionary, a fantasist who’s art can be extremely direct and striking but also quite […]
Aprile 29, 2021

DJ Mag (Es) premiered ‘Jakob Apelian – Better Dimension’

Better Dimension es un track con mucha belleza, que llega para emocionarte con su groove y saxofón. sin duda Apparel Music en sus últimos lanzamientos esta editando un material […]
Aprile 28, 2021

Apparel Waxlist updated on Spotify

We compiled some of our favorite gems and it will be updated weekly via Spotify!
Aprile 28, 2021

Gazzz696 premiered ‘Jakob Apelian – Kimchi Jazz’

Does time fly or Apparel Music’s EXTRA catalogue is just grinding great releases one after another recently? We haven’t got the answer to such a self-referential […]
Aprile 27, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: minimalArchiv – Transfigured’ EP [Integrity Records]

“The five years old imprint Integrity Records blows the 20th candle of its catalogue with an intriguing four track EP by minimalArchiv called ‘Transfigured’. We carefully listened to the UK […]
Aprile 27, 2021

Mixmag (Es) premiered ‘Jakob Apelian – Let Me Explain’

Apparel Music tiene nuevo lanzamiento titulado ‘Better Dimension’ a cargo de Jakob Apelian. El EP consta de tres pistas de este sueco amante del house y […]
Aprile 27, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Tunde Caspa [London]

We’re glad to interview the eminent Tunde Caspa aka DJ Caspa on our new series of interviews for Apparel Music, being him one of our long-term […]
Aprile 26, 2021

WEEXATO #029: Jakob Apelian

Aprile 26, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Introbeatz – Local Fryer (Scruscru Remix) [Sloth Boogie]

For some the groove cannot be learned or given; It is an inherent and intuitive part of their soul, and it burns bright within Intr0beatz. Three […]
Aprile 23, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Mathias Modica [Munich]

The Apparel Media team is delighted to host Mathias Modica, one of the most awarded and enlightened artists and label managers in the independent music industry. […]
Aprile 22, 2021

‘Endtroducing’ Hober Mallow and his Phased EP

Apparel Q&A with Hober Mallow about his ‘Phased’ EP out the 31th of May in Apparel Music Extra.
Aprile 21, 2021


We are happy to introduce you to ‘Apparel Room’, our new live channel where we’ll share cool vibes from the guest’s rooms! Guest #004 J.E.A.N from […]
Aprile 20, 2021
APPAREL PREMIERE: Larry de Kat - Criminally Underrated [Paella Hair Sex]

APPAREL PREMIERE: Larry de Kat – Criminally Underrated [Paella Hair Sex]

Larry de Kat joins Alexis Raphael’s recently launched Paella Hair Sex imprint with his debut EP on the label entitled ‘Radio K-Nip 4.20 FM. Utrecht-based DJ and producer Larry de […]
Aprile 19, 2021

Coming soon Better Dimension EP by Jakob Apelian

Does time fly or Apparel Music’s EXTRA catalogue is just grinding great releases one after another recently? We haven’t got the answer to such a self-referential […]
Aprile 18, 2021

Apparel Wax ‘007B2’

‘007B2’ is the most desirable closing track ever with its smooth yet impactful sounds which create an ideal sunset mood to plunge into.
Aprile 18, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Alton Miller – From The Future EP [Roots Underground]

The Chicagoan but Detroit based artist doesn’t need any further introduction, his nearly 30 yrs career speaks for him, so let’s just dive into the sound […]
Aprile 16, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Alton Miller – Crossing [Roots Underground Records]

While we have the pleasure of premiering ‘Crossing’ by Alton Miller on Apparel Premiere, we felt the need to review the whole EP released by Roots […]
Aprile 15, 2021

Coming soon 009 EP by Apparel Wax

Apparel Wax is back with the 9th gem, a stunning six track EP out on the 18th of June.
Aprile 15, 2021

‘Endtroducing’ Carlo Giustini and his Tutto Quadra EP

Carlo Giustini is the protagonist of the next release on the Apparel Tronic catalogue. We asked a few questions to the man himself to get to know […]
Aprile 14, 2021

WEEXATO #028: Hakim Murphy

Aprile 13, 2021

Coming soon Tutto Quadra EP by Carlo Giustini

Carlo is a musician, sound designer and sound researcher but most importantly is a careful listener.
Aprile 8, 2021

O sótão (Porto) reviewed Wearing Shoes EP

Via the smooth and selective Apparel Music, we point our dim-lighted focus towards the deep vibes of Wearing Shoe’s Emotion EP. The Italian producer Alfonso Bottone […]
Aprile 7, 2021

‘Endtroducing’ Wearing Shoes and his Emotion EP

 Hi Alfonso, how are you and how does it feel like releasing music on Apparel Music?…
Aprile 7, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Veezo – How2makeaLeader [Q1E2 Recordings]

‘How2makealeader’ is Veezo’s 2nd single on Q1E2 Recordings. This track takes a mellow turn – with some soulful vibes, dubby bass hits, and his signature chopped […]
Aprile 6, 2021

18th Apparel Show with Kisk live from Triennale Milano

Kisk introduce the 18th episode of Apparel Show via Radio Raheem – live streaming tomorrow 7th of April (2pm) from Triennale (Italy).
Aprile 2, 2021

Le Visiteur premiered ‘Wearing Shoes – Understand It’

Apparel Music are back with a divine selection of shimmering deep house from Italian producer Wearing Shoes.
Aprile 2, 2021

WEEXATO #027: Wearing Shoes

Aprile 2, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Thrilogy – Take Me (90s Edit) [Fate And Fiction Rec.]

“We are really glad to be sharing five new cuts from another four artists on our latest V/A ep, our 7th release to date. This release […]
Aprile 1, 2021

Como Las Grecas premiered ‘Wearing Shoes – What U Doing’

El dj y productor Alfonso Bottone aka Wearing Shoes estrena con nosotros el último de los tracks que verán la luz en Apparel Music.
Marzo 30, 2021

LYO premiered ‘Wearing Shoes – Emotion’

‘Emotion’ flows perfectly from beginning to end without losing its energetic and steady structure, making it the perfect kick-off to the record. 
Marzo 29, 2021


We, at Apparel Music, are curious people. Somebody would consider it a defect but we think it’s rather a quality. One of our missions is to […]
Marzo 27, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Veezo & F2F Project – Anthropocene [Cognitiva / ANMA Records]

Marzo 27, 2021

SCHiLLiNG – Autofight [Official Video]

A video by Angelo Vasta. Dancers: Georgia Usborne & Cesar Brodermann. Soundtrack: SCHiLLiNG & Jacopo Muscatelli (Hella LP).
Marzo 26, 2021

Tryst ‘Akihabara’ hits 2.5M streams on Spotify

Incredible news as ‘Akihabara’ off Issho EP by Tryst hits 2’500’000 streams on Spotify. What a milestone!
Marzo 26, 2021

Apparel Wax: selected pics

Apparel Music is marketing mystery producer Apparel Wax as “the vinyl-faced artist who tears dancefloors apart.
Marzo 26, 2021


Enjoy a special selection of all the best premieres we released, in March, on our channel!
Marzo 24, 2021

Apparel Wax: pics from Japan

イタリアのサービス精神がロンドンマナーにより鮮やかに再編集されるとき、ジャジーなサンプルがフラッシュダンスする!ブギーな胸騒ぎがチョベリベリ最高なガラージ風味のハッピーディスコハウス☆ このキャッチ、怒られますか? 『 ダフト・パンク × ディスクロージャー 』
Marzo 23, 2021

APPAREL INTERVIEW: Leo Bisenzi [Florence]

When it comes to the clubbing scene Leandro Bisenzi is definitely one of the highest profiles and one of the most respected long-time professionals in Italy […]
Marzo 20, 2021

APPAREL WALL: Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo is surely one of the most influential artists of the past ten years, as well as being a really important artist for us. He […]
Marzo 20, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Cyclonix – Metal Bass (Reflix Dub) [Little Red Hand]

Marzo 19, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Hamza Rahimtula & Loopy Juice – Get That Feeling [Selekta Recordings]

Marzo 17, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Liam De Bruin – Friday Evening [Heard and Felt]

Marzo 16, 2021

Apparel Wax featured in Bandcamp

Bandcamp featured the track ‘008A2’ by Apparel Wax in the Weekly Radio show.
Marzo 16, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Bomat – Doing All Right [Nervous Records]

It’s always a hard task to review music from Nervous Records. The mythical imprint from NYC, over the years, got us accustomed to some extreme quality […]
Marzo 15, 2021

Apparel Waxlist updated on Spotify

Cool vibes selected weekly on Spotify by Apparel Wax. Manman!
Marzo 15, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Bomat – Doing All Right [Nervous Records]

Marzo 12, 2021

Coming soon Emotion EP by Wearing Shoes on Apparel Music Extra

We’re glad to announce the fifteenth release coming up on the APDEXTRA catalogue, this time around provided by the Italian Alfonso Bottone aka Wearing Shoes.
Marzo 11, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Midnight Chocolate Gospel – Dance All Night [Taste Rec.]

Marzo 11, 2021

Babsy: The Last Future Interview

Marzo 10, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: MEOWHAT – What Russian [Slutty Prty]

Marzo 10, 2021

WEEXATO #026: Hober Mallow

Marzo 9, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Tryst – Dissolve [Hiyasu Cuts]

Marzo 8, 2021

Apparel Waxlist updated on Spotify

Marzo 7, 2021

APLWAX #kit 009: the Yo-yo (Story)

Marzo 6, 2021

‘Claudio’: the cartoon of Makkox

Marzo 5, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Lay-Far – Good Thing! [Lumberjacks In Hell]

“Alexander Lay-Far is undoubtedly one of the most talented house producers of his generation: an artist whose love of expansive instrumentation is matched by a keen […]
Marzo 4, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Prince Apache – Planetary Loves [Release Sustain]

Marzo 3, 2021

WEEXATO #025: Benoit (It)

Marzo 2, 2021

APPAREL WALL: Claudio Coccoluto

Febbraio 26, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: MEC! – Circé [Dope Tones Records]

Febbraio 25, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Alex Rymarz & Prov – The Pine Stays Green [Cold Brew Records]

Febbraio 24, 2021


Febbraio 23, 2021

APPAREL REVIEW: Drips Zacheer – A Dive Into the Subconscious [ear-sight]

The next release on ear-sight, the Berlin based international collective of producers and beat makers, is an LP by the Greek Drips Zacheer named ‘A Dive […]
Febbraio 23, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: HATT.D – A Rainy Sunday Afternoon [GLBDOM]

Febbraio 22, 2021

DJ Mag (Es) #Entrevista + Mix: Babsy

Febbraio 22, 2021

Out now ‘Social Distancing’ EP by Babsy

Febbraio 21, 2021

Deep House Tehran Night #292: Babsy

Febbraio 20, 2021

House Salad Music premiered ‘Babsy – Another Session’

Febbraio 18, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Arnheim ft Johannes Sahmland Bowling – Circulate Home [ANMA Records]

Febbraio 16, 2021

DJ Mag (Es) premiered ‘Babsy – Amy’

Febbraio 16, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Joint4Nine – Street Conections [GLBDOM]

Febbraio 15, 2021

O sótão (Porto) reviews APLWAX008

The 8th EP from the Milanese ghost collective (or producer) Apparel Wax was released by the end of last January. A few days later we had […]
Febbraio 15, 2021

Newtone Records (Japan) reviews APLWAX008

Febbraio 13, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Opprefish – Lean Waves [Fantin Zoo Records]

Febbraio 13, 2021

Alataj (Brasil) invites Apparel Wax

Febbraio 12, 2021

Jetset Records (Japan) reviews APLWAX008

Febbraio 12, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Sicania Soul – Starlite (Live Mix) [Irma Records]

Febbraio 11, 2021

WEEXATO #23: Noden

Febbraio 11, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Piers Kirwan – Take Me Home [Last Forever Records]

Febbraio 10, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Afro Bruk Band – Lost In Rio [Eclectic Beats Music]

Febbraio 6, 2021

Apparel B-Day 11: today 30% off any order on Bandcamp!

Febbraio 6, 2021

Coming soon Social Distancing EP by Babsy on Apparel Music Extra

Febbraio 5, 2021

Kisk exclusive mix for Deeper Shades Of House (South Africa)

Febbraio 5, 2021

WEEXATO #022: Babsy

Febbraio 5, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: Drips Zacheer – Bioluminescence [Ear Sight]

Febbraio 4, 2021

APPAREL PREMIERE: CD Rom – Avenue Des Arts [Label Affaire Records]