APPAREL PREMIERE: CD Rom – Avenue Des Arts [Label Affaire Records]
Febbraio 4, 2021
APPAREL PREMIERE: Afro Bruk Band – Lost In Rio [Eclectic Beats Music]
Febbraio 10, 2021


Drips Zacheer - Bioluminescence [Ear Sight]

“Dreamwalks" as well as the other songs on “A Dive Into the Subconscious” musically reflect the emotional level of memories and experiences of the producer. Drips Zacheer deals with central issues of his life, such as family, friends, travel and also fears and tries to reach the subconscious of his listeners through this sound game. The appropriately playful cover designs come from the Berlin artist and illustrator Rahel Süßkind. Drips Zacheer is a real beatgeek on the midi controller. Out now on Ear Sight.