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Phased EP by Hober Mallow in Apparel Music Extra


The opening track ’I Believe It's Going Round’ is a mosaic of sounds with its tense strings always in the background, its dreamy melody, acid bassline, vocal samples and its solid rhythm section, everything washed down with an excellent Hober Mallow’s wine. The record continues with ‘Junk Twilight’ which is another mesmerising patchwork of styles; a mellow track filled with intricate musical embroidery which talks to the heart of Soul and House lovers but, generally, to everyone who’s desire is to discover something new, to listen to some contemporary and unique music. Getting to ’Pet Peeves’ we’re already short of words… Listening to these introspective, labyrinthine five minutes is a true journey into Hober’s mind.
Ok never mind: we feel like it’s useless to try to formulate sentences about this track so we’ll just write down some keywords to give an impression of it: solid grooves, guitar skanks, choirs, silences, sinister atmospheres. Pet Peeves in an impressionistic painting. The closing track is also the title track: ‘Phased’, which is the perfect one to end the record in style, with some soothing and delicate harmonies adorned by some perfect vocal samples, a funky guitar and the usually perfect rhythmic loop.