Talent Sakè: Marcel Vogel

For the best part of a decade Marcel Vogel has been carefully building a reputation as a refreshing voice of authenticity in today’s musical landscape.

A gifted pair of ears, DJ and owner of the seminal Lumberjacks In Hell’label and visionary imprint, ‘Intimate Friends’, Marcel’s reputation has been earned through persistent work, and impeccable taste. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts in his rulebook, just a passion for raw, soulful sounds geared towards the dancefloor. Like many a DJ, Marcel found his route to the turntables through a love of Hip Hop and later house, but the gravity towards disco and soul was what really pulled him in and still reflects in his DJ Sets and productions.
parallax background
Although he started messing around with the AKAI MPC in the early 2000’s it would take him about a decade to release his first productions with the 7” Body to Body feat Milos Gersi (MATE 001) in 2013 and the mini Album Human Being (2016). After residing in Berlin amongst other cities he relocated to Amsterdam in 2010 to train for a degree in Audio Engineering. In the same year as his relocation he founded his esteemed Lumberjacks in Hell imprint. First as a hub for his own edits but quickly developing a profile for cutting edge dancefloor favourites, releasing music by acts like Karizma, Soulphiction and Jamie 3:26. As part of Marcel’s touring schedule he regularly hosts Lumberjacks in Hell nights all over Europe in clubs like DJOON (Paris), Prince Charles (Berlin) and Ampere (Antwerpen) as much as having toured Northern America, Australia and Asia. In the special occasion of Apparel Music 10th birthday, Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules incl. in the side B the masterpiece 'Take Me Back', an experimental and modern tribal beat with masterly arranged keys and superb percussions. (2020)

Q&A Sakè

Real name: Marcel Vogel
Job: DJ, Producer, Label owner
Country: German
Residency: Amsterdam, Netherlands
City of growth: Paderborn
Date of birth: April 1979
Favorite cuisine: Italian, Asian
Music genre: Everything soulful
Religion: Spiritual
Favorite flavors: Sugar
Favorite drink: Water, coffee with oat milk
Drug: Mushrooms




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