Apparel Wax


We are delighted to announce that July 2023 is the month in which you will finally be able to know the new Apparel Wax product: Apparel Wax Mini. The Mini catalogue (dedicated to 7-inch vinyl) fits into the narrative of our masked hero as a sort of prequel, as the 'Mini' vinyl represents the ‘childhood’ of Apparel Wax, his life before its music started to be heard around the world. Another novelty is that the first release is double. In fact, APLWAXMINI001 and 002 will drop on the same day, both containing two tracks, one on each side. With a physical product of different size, we have also adapted the graphic design of the project, as you’ll notice looking at the record. A new adventure begins in the world of the masked artist who, this time, will tell another musical story created by the now famous anonymous collective of phenomenal artists behind the project. APLWAXMINI001 is composed of two tracks perfect for the summer period, both with a very marked essence of lightness and groovy, both ideal to bring back the carefree and cheerful musical soul at the base of the project since its origins. We’re also back with Wax’s characteristic gift kits, which from now on will be strictly green and recyclable.

Release date 4-8-2023