Apparel Wax - 005 EP

This time the little treat you’ll find with the vinyl (limited to the first 250 copies / 500) is an Apparel Wax trademarked mini jelly slapping hand, to always remember not to take ourselves too seriously!


Apparel Wax is about to hit your fall hard with the 5th gem of the collection! Four tracks delivering our approach to this sound but always from different perspectives, which helps us to maintain that fresh energy we need to be able to keep on doing what we do.


005A1 with its funk attitude, powerful chords and stunning vocals creates a proper banger; that one tune we just can’t stop shaking our hips and to. 005A2 is such a perfect blend of different feelings: are the strings a bit 80’s? Is it just a new version of that kind of disco music?

Instead it’s just a mixture of sensations perfectly coexisting, brought together by the Apparel Wax matrix that just makes it a mature interpretation of a big musical influence. 005B1 features a piano loop that is a great tribute to classic house music and keeps on dialoguing with catchy vocals. The track elevates the spirit of the happy tune to a next level, leaving not only a taste of summer but a sense of coolness. 005B2 played after the first three hitting tracks, with its saxophone and synthesizers is a percussive, atmospheric and fulfilling way to end the record’s narrative in perfect fashion; a record that displays an uncanny array of house/disco music performances. It is almost one year since the 1st one. We couldn’t think about how good the response would have been from the listeners. So we’d like to thank you all for the support: it will push us to try and keep the level as higher as we can!


Mixmag Lab - NYC

A masterclass in house from the legend Mike Dunn playng '005A1'