Dear Stream - 840


Dear Stream with his EP ’840’ is back releasing music on Apparel Tronic, this time on the new 'White' catalogue, dedicated to Ambient and Experimental music, becoming its second release. The digital record, composed of five tracks, perfectly represents the Ambient soul of this incredibly versatile and extremely talented producer, who puts great care and attention into his productions, from the arrangement to the sound research. The EP also features the performance of artist Alina Rachkovskaya, who plays the cello on the track 'Cello & Organ Prelude'. ‘840’ is enriched with a visual part since the opening track, 'Vetka’, is accompanied by a black and white mini video made by Nikita Zeleniy (starring Yasmina Omerovich) in 35mm, which gives a strong visual imprint to the project.

Release date 20-10-2023