SCHiLLiNG - Brute EP

Apparel Tronic introduces a new catalogue -dedicated to Ambient/Cinematic music- called ‘White’ with SCHiLLiNG and his EP ‘Brute’. After a long hiatus, during which SCHiLLiNG focused on his career as a Sound Designer/Composer and to managing his label, always keeping alive the flame of music production, he is now ready to share a new Lo-Fi Ambient EP called ‘Brute’ dedicated to and inspired by his hometown, the city of Milan. The four-track digital record was composed in the last year and each track represents, in a completely personal and intimate way, a nuance, a detail, a musical representation of what Milan represents for SCHiLLiNG, who believes that the true soul of the city lies in its hidden beauties and that, in order to discover it, one should never give up to explore its mysterious anima. The titles of the tracks are references to the city, both in a concrete way like 'San Celso', a church that stands not far from the author's house, and in an abstract way like ‘Sogno'. The EP is meant to be listened from beginning to end as each track is connected to each other, in fact, the whole record was composed as a long, sole track and only afterwards split in four separate ones. Brute EP will be available on all streaming/download platforms; it represents an anticipation of something bigger and more extensive that SCHILLiNG is preparing and that will be ready soon.

Release date 24-6-2023