Varioustronic 1 by VA

Apparel Tronic comes back after the heat of summer introducing the first V/A on the catalogue as well as its 10th release overall (Varioustronic 1).

This 3 tracks V/A is an ambitious project that unites 3 great artists with diverse approaches to music production, 3 different minds and visions, 3 declination of the same verb brought together under the same roof, our roof. We always like to experiment, to try and push our boundaries over again in everything we do and surely this is an organic evolution to the so-called “Bliss-Beat”: the identificative concept behind our ideas. The 3 producers we chose, Anton Kubikov, Artizhan & Tommy Vicari Jr. need no introduction so we’re simply grateful to them for their availability to huddle up and create some great music for one cause and it’s surprising how the three tracks, colliding, offer different but likeminded perspectives, like fragmenting planets creating new ones. This release is the result of 2 years of research, ending up choosing Anton’s “Freak Out Little Bit”, Artizhan’s “Birthday” and Tommy’s “Conceal” amongst many others. APLTRONIC010 V/A is clear for the take-off, on vinyl and digital versions, and we hope you’ll like it!