Nasty Drifts From Sequoia EP by Artizhan

Apparel Tronic 009 is a stunning work by Artizhan, a new solo project by Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey, debuting on our frequencies.

We’re so happy and proud to welcome such an inspiring musician and energetic soul to our family with a release that we consider as groundbreaking, bold and futuristic. The EP’s called “Nasty Drifts From Sequoia” and from the title Artizhan wants to take us by the hand through a journey in his obsessive modern/mediterranean rhythms, “originated by the totemic secular Sequoia” and sublimated in a Dubcore kaleidoscope. The tracklist is composed by 3 original tracks and one remix by 2KS, Apparel Tronic’s owners and we can only describe it with images, feelings, rather than words. The EP starts with “Honky Tonk Clay” which is a hypnotic percussive dance, an ancestral and primitive recall. “Zenkai” is the hope, a melancholic wave coming from a sea of purity and love. “Built From Dubcore” is the centre where the ritual dance around the sequoia takes place: the ultimate invocation to the other dimension. The remix is drawn from “Zenkai” and it’s produced by 2KS (Kisk + SCHiLLiNG), attempting to create a respectful version, adding their broken touch, this time looking at it from dark, poetic and sophisticated perspective.