U Can Say EP by Kulaki

The 7th release on Apparel Tronic’s catalogue is an EP from the Russian duo Kulaki called “U Can Say”. It’s a 5 tracks EP composed by 3 originals plus 2 remixes: by Vito Gatto and the founders themselves, 2KS.

“U Can Say” opens the EP with its spacey atmospheres blended skilfully with the vocals that tell the whole story. “Changes” then shifts the perspective taking the sound to a more downtempo stage, where the hypnotic rhythmics chasing each other and the vocoders make the track oddly brilliant which ends with a futuristic rapid pace. “Both” is the last of the originals in the tracklist and bears the stamp of the first too with vocals and compelling rhythmics, making the three tracks seem as a compact composition with different souls. “Both”, despite its minor key, is more ostentatious and that marks the difference with the previous two. The two remixes are drawn by “U Can Say”, featured by the violinist/electronic music composer Vito Gatto and 2KS aka Kisk & SCHiLLiNG add great quality to the EP bringing their fresh energetic impact. The first with a gloomy, bassy interpretation enriched by his violin; a composition inspired by UKB and Donwtempo while 2KS’s one brings their watermark of broken-beats, lo-fi groovy rhythmics and features the collaboration of the great Alessandro Deledda and his amazing piano.