Issho by Tryst

Tryst will mark their debut this May with ‘Issho’, a five-track collection based around field recordings taken in Tokyo/Kyoto, Japan in April 2017, accompanied by remixes from Japanese Jazz musician Gak Sato and Apparel Tronic founders Kisk and SCHiLLING6 under their new collaborative guise, 2KS.

Jordan & Enhua Bruce are a duo hailing from London, UK and Toudao, China and whilst Jordan is no stranger to production being one half of the Yard One duo and founder of Tact Recordings, his life and now production partner in this new side project marks her production debut with Tryst. A deeply personal endeavour created as a memory of their honeymoon in Japan in 2017, the project features fields recordings taken in Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama and Kiyomizu-dera Bhuddist temple, and Tokyo’s Akihabara and Shibuya districts, Ueno Park and more. ‘Bamboo Forest’ opens the package with a natural ambience from the forest running alongside swelling synths, rumbling sub bass tones and glitched-out percussion before ‘Mountain Mist’ edges into dub territories via billowing pads, modulating percussive clicks, rainy field recordings and snaking bass grooves. ‘Ueno Falls’ then puts the focus on an ethereal pad line, dynamic pops and clicks and a thunderous kick ahead of the stripped-back ‘Skyline Visions’ which features spacey dub echoes, rumbling subs, off-kilter percussion and recordings around the transit system and streets of Tokyo. The last original composition comes in the shape of ‘Akihabara’, Tokyo’s Electric Town, upping the energy levels with soaring resonant synths, shuffled drums and smooth chord sequences. Japanese Jazz artist Gak Sato steps up first on remix duties, adding his unique spin to ‘Ueno Falls’ with loosely flowing organic drums, wandering piano licks and the airy atmospherics of the original. The founders of Apparel Tronic 2KS then close the package, reshaping ‘Bamboo Forest’ into a breakbeat driven, funk- infused cut with contributions on bass from Max Lagana and Vincenzo Marino on the saxophone.