The Hanged Man Jazz Sessions by Giona Vinti

Apparel Tronic is back on track with the 4th release of its catalogue, presenting Giona Vinti and his EP “The Hanged Man Jazz Sessions”.

Giona is a Milan based sound designer, producer and live act also known as Hyena; under this moniker he explored numerous musical scenes and genres throughout the years and eventually came up with a new solo project under his true name. This brand new approach allows him to experiment abstract compositions, untied to any musical category and far from the dancefloor logics, in an attempt to build his own musical playground. The EP is composed by 4 original tracks + 1 remix and it's the outcome of Giona’s newest approach to production, where the laptop is just a tool to record all the striking sounds he generates with his modular synthesizers, assembled in a Eurorack format, with an Octatrack sampler and all controlled by an Allen&Heath GS3 24 channels mixer from the early 90’s. All the tracks are actual “sessions” where there is no particular structure or defined arrangement, extended works each and every one with a different touch and a diverse feeling bringing the listener to Giona’s world, divided in four detached planets. The title track and the third one called “The One Eyed One Swing” are a 12 minutes long journeys through a jungle of smooth and intense synthesis sounds, like chaotically controlled paintbrushes on a white canvas, while “Beat Bhakti” is a more rhythmically complex composition where a hysterical beat blends with some delicate glimpses of harmony, leading to an anxious outro. The last track is “Dirge For A Friend”, an ambient production where spacial and sharp waves create a deep tense environment where the listener should just leave any pre-existing musical benchmark behind. Luiza Lian’s remix then, is a reinterpretation of the opening track where the rising Brazilian singer converts the acid atmospheres in a charming urban context made of poetry and enhanced by Vincenzo Marino’s flute. Bold but mindful, extremely powerful and astonishing are the words to describe this EP due to be released on the eclectic Apparel Tronic label.