Decent Rides
Let Your Hair Down' EP

The Bavarian duo Decent Rides and is the lead character of the next Apparel Music story, told in four tracks on their new EP ‘Let Your Hair Down’. The eclectic pair of producers (Sebastian and Jesko) hailing from Munich, delivers a sparkling record perfectly fitting Apparel Music’s taste, showing their uncommon expertise in constructing captivating House beats. The EP, out digitally the next 3rd of December 2021, is a sinusoid of sonic excitement starting slowly but firmly with the opening (and title) track ‘Let Your Hair Down’, then accelerating the pulse with a dance floor belter like ‘Spirit From The Streets’ and organically slowing down the heart rate with ‘Plastic Rain’ and with the closing, intense rhythmic groove of ‘Otis’. ‘Let Your Hair Down EP’ by the German duo Decent Rides is gonna be your next passion.

T1 Let Your Hair Down
T2 Spirit From The Streets
T3 Plastic Rain
T4 Otis