Butch Haynes - Everybody EP

Luca Ferrara aka Butch Haynes is a longtime friend of the Apparel Music family, hence, the fact that his ‘Everybody EP’ is finally landing on our airstrip makes EVERYBODY really glad. Butch delivers a stunning five-track record, composed of four original tunes and a rework -of the title track- by Kisk, which is due to be released on the next 5th of November 2021. When you press play to ‘Everybody’ a magic feeling suddenly permeates the room with delightful sonic vibrations and the listener can quite clearly understand how instinctive, raw and pure the intentions of the artist are in producing such a great work. The slightly ‘uncooked’, yet incredibly detailed beats hit the ears hard with a bizarre elegant touch, exactly how it should be and definitely epitomising Butch Haynes’ intentions of translating what could be described as an American sound into his very own Milanese, passionate, carefree version. Kisk, for his part, comes up with the goods to help put his friend Luca to embellish this already perfect EP. Useless to quote any of the tracks, you can see it for yourself and this record has to be seen and listened as a whole, being its creator’s most powerful musical statement. ‘Everybody’ EP by Butch Haynes is ready for landing so fasten your seat belts.

T1 Sonata Intestellar
T2 Everybody
T3 Everybody (Kisk Lo-fi Mix)
T4 Call313 Detroit2back
T5 The Passage

Release date 5-11-2021