Eduard0 - Highrise EP

The Apparel Music family is happy to introduce you to its next affiliate Eduard0, who hails from Buenos Aires, and his four track EP called ‘Highrise’. The nineteenth release on the APDEXTRA catalogue is a truly experimental record filled with meticulous sound research and details and -once again- difficult to submit to any genre. The Argentine since the very beginning proposes a variegated sonic experience rotating around the concept of dance music: ‘Anfibio’, the opening track, is a warm/slightly acid composition, peaking with acute synthetic melodies, whereas ‘Dig It’ is a slower rhythmic adventure. ‘Smoke In The House’ provides a harmonic and melodic blast, yet keeping a solid rhythm section and the closing tune ‘Supra’ ends the record in a classy fashion, confirming all the talent previously shown by the South American producer and adding up the word ‘class’ to an already full list of attributes. ‘Highrise EP’ will be available from the 15th of October 2021 so note it on your release book because this is gonna be a groundbreaking one.

T1 Anfibio
T2 Dig It
T3 Smoke In The House
T4 Supra

Release date 15-10-2021