Joint4Nine - P-Connection EP

Apparel Music is happy to present you the 13th record off the APDEXTRA catalogue, this time a courtesy of Ivan Lozano aka Joint4Nine from Bogotà! His ‘P-Connection’ is a stunning 5 track EP which displays the great talent of the Colombian DJ and Producer, also known for being the co-founder of Nomada Records. The record is laced with musicality since the very beginning with the intro N21 and the second track ‘It’s All About U’ in which Ivan shows a great talent in picking and manipulating vocal samples, creating a ripetitive but never boring, compulsive groove, while the strings along with the smooth synth grooves make it a classy yet solid beat. Moving on to ‘It's Gone (Get Over It)’ the artist increases the pace with a proper dancefloor hit driven by evolving chords, a sturdy rhythm section and again some masterly chosen samples, while ‘P-Connection’ slows the tempo down offering another perspective but keeping intact the sound principles that drive the record. The closing track called Tribute includes many sampled quotes from some great musicians and producers and evolves into a hip-hop beat ending the EP in style; Joint4Nine wanted to show appreciation to some amazing artists who inspired him to create this record. We’re glad to welcome another talented artist like Ivan to our family. P-Connection EP will be out on the 21st of December 2020, in digital version.

T1 N21
T2 It's All About U
T3 It's Gone (Get Over It)
T4 P-Connection
T5 Tribute

Release date 21-12-2020