Syd B, Kisk, Luca Del Fuego Confortini

La Fabbrica di Arcobaleni


Starting from February 14, curated by Apparel Book, we will release a new audio chapter of the book 'La Fabbrica Di Arcobaleni' by Syd B on all streaming platforms. The thirty-one chapters of the volume will thus make up the novel, which will then be listenable from beginning to end. 'La Fabbrica Di Arcobaleni’ / ‘The Rainbows Factory’ represents an excerpt from Syd B's trilogy called 'Tekno Freedom' which tells the story of the decade of the 90’s, seen from the author's perspective. The story takes place in the context of profound social change that crosses Europe starting from the fall of the Berlin wall and in the following years; and the narrative occurs in a time where the hope of a new free world was desirable, where an atmosphere of positive, creative chaos was reigning and social harmony was a Chimera.

Release date 14-2-2023