'Deledda & 2KS - Spore EP'

Apparel Tronic is back with a big record.

The label’s mission of always bringing new and diverse sounds without submitting to a genre manifests magnificently with this brand new release; a collaboration between the founders 2KS and the exceptional pianist/composer Alessandro Deledda. Deledda, who’s experience is yet extensive having played in many orchestras, on big stages and having experimented numerous genres throughout his career like Jazz, Classic, Contemporary, Electronica and not new to the Apparel Tronic catalogues (he played on the 2KS’s ‘U Can Say’ remix of Kulaki), this time engages in the production of four tracks where his piano intertwines with 2KS’s sound design.
Last but not least, the label is glad to welcome to the family another great artist; the awarded Italian and São Paulo based photographer Tommaso Protti, who’s amazing pictures you’ll see as covers of the Apparel Tronic’s records for the next 10 releases.'