Apparel Music, as art directors and one of the main partners of this project alongside The Dub and Just Entertainment, is thrilled to announce the imminent release of a stunning LP by the dearly missed Claudio Coccoluto

parallax background


This body of work that we present with deep feeling is called ’Trip Album’ and is composed of ten gems, each and every one masterly produced by Claudio

who displays -for the first time ever in such form- his brilliant talent as an experimenter, as sound alchemist and his tremendous relevance as a solo producer. This is something that was never in doubt, however, nothing like this LP can demonstrate it in a more effective way; a true sonic testament by such a versatile artist and such a pivotal figure in the electronic music scene.


parallax background

Trip Album’ have been composed in a timeframe (15 years) that suggests the effort, the level of detail and dedication that Claudio put into it and this is only a tiny bit of the amount of amazing music he left unreleased.

All-in-all, this is what we might call his ultimate -and unprecedented- musical brushstroke. The meticulousness that the author produces, the level of detail and his capability to superbly design each track -one after another- to tell his story, are just a few of the many things that leaves you speechless when listening to this LP. Trip Album leaves a magic trail, enlightening the memory of its creator, enriching even more his figure and -if possible- completing it. Sometimes we must come full circle to find the truth and surely Claudio, with this album, told everyone HIS truth.



The Cover, a true modern masterpiece of art and graphic design, is made by Mario Consiglio and Giuseppe D’Alessandro and perfectly epitomises the artistic contrast which can be found in the record, illustrating the overlapping emotions, the elegance, the dynamism and the intense smoothness that permeates the whole album. Project curated by Gianmaria Coccoluto (The Dub) and Sergio Cerruti (Just Entertainment).




Produced at The Dub Studio in Cassino, Italy

Mastered by Alex Picciafuochi

Artwork by Mario Consiglio

Art Direction by Giuseppe D’Alessandro

Executive Production by Sergio Cerruti and Gianmaria Coccoluto

Production by Just Entertainment, Italy

Distributed by Wordandound, Germany