Sound Transitions 'Nonduality - Something New'
Online Apparel Wax ‘008A2’ video teaser on Bandcamp
Novembre 18, 2020
Out now ‘Nonduality – Melodies EP’
Novembre 23, 2020

Sound Transitions premieres
'Nonduality - Something New'

"The next release on the Apparel Music’s catalogue APDEXTRA is a digital debut by Nonduality with his ‘Melodies’. Matthew Goldsmith (his real name) confesses that his first musical memories belong to a distant time when he used to dance along to The Beatles in his California living room with his mom and sister. The four track EP by the American/Berlin based producer is an amalgamation of a year’s worth of music production; two of the tracks originating in his flat in Friedrichshain, with the other two coming about during a visit to his friends ‘Local Dialect’ in New York City. Nonduality draws massive inspiration from artists like Janeret, Mangabey, Loure, and Loz Goddard to name a few and we’re really happy to host his debut on AM, being his ‘Melodies’ a perfect display of his musical capabilities."