Gennaio 2, 2010
Delano Smith
Dicembre 23, 2009


SCHiLLiNG is a London based producer & sound designer. Born and bred in Milan he grew up in a music-friendly environment, starting to listen to his father's vinyl collection at the age of 2. Drummer and keyboard player, he cultivates worship for music since his childhood making out of listening and analyzing music a way of living. Massively influenced by the 90’s UK electronic music scene he started to produce at the age of 20, trying to create his own musical environment absorbing those breakbeat, jungle, garage and trip-hop sounds. He heavily employs environmental sounds or home recordings in his productions, which he thinks is essential to create his own style and he loves to discover new kinds of music which allows him to continue the process of artistic "contamination", the foundation of his work. His music is mainly focused on the rhythmic part. He tries to alternate many different percussive samples with harmonies and vocals in order to create an evolving musical succession. He develops his live sets using either digital and analog devices like keyboards, drum machines, synthesizers, MIDI controllers and samplers, along with analog affects such as delays and reverbs. His creative process leads him to pull out his inner sensations with no compromises: he does whatever comes natural to himself, no other option is possible.